Looking for a hard wood floor?
Tradition Sculpture - 60001 Wild Mes
Xpressions - 64099 Piano
Vivid - Covet Slim 7343
Extravagance - Fuchsia
Xpressions - 64098 Domino
Looking for a rug?
Berber Seasons - Spring Herdwick
Senator- 60177 Antwerpen Oak
Cottage 11mm - Mountain Grey Oak 1087
Arden - Richmond
Xpressions - 64100 Milk Shake
Urban Legend - Misty Ghost 880
Xpressions - 64096 Mixed
Simply Oak - Warm Oak S025
Desire - Date
Sisal Linen - Titanium
Moorland Twist - Misty Zigzag 93
Krono 10mm- Red River 8156
Moorland Twist - Cottonfield 790
Escape - Violin
Rococo - Delight Grey
Chiswick - Turner
Dreamfields - 70 Flax
The Distressed - Natural Oak
Moorland Twist - Morning Fog 940
Indulgence - Blossom
The Distressed - Golden Oak
Kennington - Duck Egg
Rococo - Cubes Grey
Baroque - Amadora 090
Morocco Runners - Casablanca
Silk Touch Tokyo
Morocco Runners - Rabat
Simply Oak Engineered Pale Oak S020
Egger 11mm Medium 1024 Western Oak
Egger 11mm Medium 1084 Alberta Oak
Morocco Runners - El-Jadida
Egger 11mm Medium 2728 Zermatt Oak
Egger 8mm Classic 1053 Cortina White
Egger 7mm 1056 Bardolino Grey Oak
Egger 8mm Kingsize F809 Cremento Black
Egger 8mm Classic 1005 La Mancha oak
Egger 11mm Medium 1062 Chalky Oak
Respectful 12mm 4V 9573 Autumn Oak
Respectful 12mm 4V 9633 Edwardian Oak
Egger 11mm Medium 1068 Hudson Walnut
Respectful 12mm 4V 9634 New Forest Oak
Respectful 12mm 4V Seattle Oak 9635
Egger 8mm Kingsize F805 Marmolata
Egger 8mm Kingsize F806 Cremento
Egger 8mm Kingsize F255 Beige Diamond Slate
Chilling Out Sorento 165822097
Ballroom Vogue
Ballroom Vogue
Ballroom Vogue
Respectful Seattle Oak 9635
Chilling Out Indian Slate 165820099
Velvet Touch
Respectful Norfolk Oak 6970
Velvet Touch 2
Respectful Edwardian Oak 9634
Respectful Edwardian Oak 9633
Respectful Barnyard Oak 6985
Respectful Autumn Oak 9573
Respectful Dusky Walnut 8658
Big Hit Goal Rice 640
Big Hit Ace Winterbloom 680
Chilling Out Nepal 165485033
Spring Season Rich Walnut 37658
Ballroom Vogue
Solido Elite

What we do


The Flooring Boutique was born in West Didsbury, Manchester in 2014 and has over 25 years' experience within the flooring industry. Our experience has been gained in a family business established over 50 years ago. 


In 2017 The Rug Boutique was launched becoming the 2nd subsidiary of the Flooring Boutique Group and following on from this, In 2019 we launched The Wood Boutique becoming our 3rd subsidiary to The Flooring Boutique Group.


We offer a home selection service where we will visit you at a convenient time including evenings and weekends, showing you samples of 

of all our ranges in our collections, where you can feel the texture, check the thickness, and most importantly see if the colour works with the rest of your interior style, with no obligation to buy.    

With over 200 ranges, and 2500 colour and style options to choose from we supply and fit all flooring.